Bitcoin Perseveres:

Mining Difficulty At All-Time-High:


Open Interest Surges:


Traders Are Optimistic:

Weekly Market Movers:

The DEFIUSDT, BTC USD To, Enthused To, and BNBUSDT Futures Perpetual Contracts had a negative week-over-week return of -2.48%, -0.87%, -0.44%, and -1.56% respectively.



News Roundup:

Coordinated Global Policy – During the G20 Summit, India urged member nations to build and understand the macro-financial implications of crypto assets and recommended formulating a coordinated global policy.
Spotify’s Token Enabled Playlist – The new service from Spotify will allow non-fungible token holders to connect their Web3 wallets and listen to a selected music playlist.
Bitcoin Attracting Banks In the US – A report shows that a growing number of banks in the United States are exploring the digital currency space.
Columbia Experiments In Metaverse – A Colombian court recently hosted its first legal trial in the Metaverse with the participants appearing as avatars in a virtual courtroom.

Highlights From This Week:

Trade Options & Share Your Positions On Social Media
As a part of an activity, Binance Options will allow eligible users to share a total of 18,000 USDT in token vouchers, an iPhone 14 Pro, and exclusive Binance Merchandise items. 

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